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Leave of absence during term time

Parents have a legal duty to ensure their child’s regular attendance at school.  The UK Government strongly recommends that parents avoid taking their children out of school, given its effect on the learning programme and the progress of pupils. Headteachers cannot grant leave of absence unless in exceptional circumstances.

In determining whether or not to authorise a period of absence, the Headteacher has to consider the reasons for the request, the effect on the continuity of the child’s learning, the frequency of request and the child’s overall attendance. Parents are, therefore, advised to consider carefully the reasons for making their request before submitting this form.

Applications should be made well in advance and parents are strongly advised to apply for leave of absence before they confirm their arrangements.

Application for leave of-absence during term time

If permission for a holiday during school time has not been granted and your child is away from school, the absence will be marked as ‘unauthorised’. For a guidance on authorised and unauthorised absences, please refer to our Attendance and Punctuality Policy published on our website.