The school’s Behaviour Policy takes into account the legislation, as specified by The Department for Education that now provides for the detention of a pupil at the end of the school day with or without parental consent. However, the school will still continue to provide notice for detentions that are longer than one hour.

There is likely to be the occasional need to impose a detention. This might be to complete Private Study or classwork, to engage in a discussion with a member of staff about unsatisfactory work or behaviour, or as a punishment for failure to co-operate or follow a member of staff’s reasonable instructions. By imposing the detention, the member of staff has every expectation that the punishment will resolve the problem.  Detentions are not given where there are long-term or persistent issues relating to poor work or behaviour, or where the sanction has been previously applied to little or no effect.

There are four levels of detention:

  1. Staff Detention (up to 30 minutes)
  2. Department and Year Detentions (up to 60 minutes)
  3. Leadership Team (LT) Detention (90 minutes)
  4. Extended Leadership Team detention – over two hours