We believe that parenting should be a fulfilling, enjoyable experience but, of course, this isn’t always the case, especially during the teenage years! It can feel as though, overnight somebody has moved the ‘parenting goal posts’ and tried and tested techniques no longer achieve the results they once did. Your easy-going, chatty, cuddly child can seemingly turn into a moody, withdrawn teen, for whom the mere site of you can cause irritation.  As you throw your well-known ‘rules of parenting’ book out of the window, you may be left struggling to know what to put in its place.

We would like to offer you a solution. As parents ourselves, with children ageing from pre to post teens, we understand the highs and lows that accompany this stage of your child’s development, and want you to know that we’ve got you! Our courses and workshops are designed to offer you a wealth of strategies as well as a great deal of support and empathy to enable you to find the joy and delight that is possible to experience in your relationship with your teenager at this incredibly important stage in their life.

Our course was established in 2011 at Saint Cecilia’s School.  Each course/workshop has been very well received with parents frequently reporting the positive impact it has had on their family lives. We have 100% feedback of very good/excellent from participants.

Comments from recent participants have included:

“I would recommend this to anyone”

“The sessions really have restored to me the joy of parenting.”

“It has been such an informative and educational course, giving me a good solid ground in preparation to face changes and challenges ahead. It is a big bonus to get to know other parents who are like-minded people.”

“Absolutely fantastic course – realistic, practical, grounded, inspirational and delivered brilliantly by Emma and Victoria. It has given me the tools to work with, an increased compassion and a clear direction for my parenting.”

“Thank to you both for an excellent course. Heartily recommend it to everyone! I can honestly say that our family life has been impacted and will be for years to come.”

“It’s changed the way I parent my children.”

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