Our Parenting Teenagers Course aims to provide an opportunity for parents to examine issues within their family and through developing skills and strategies, empower them to create a solid foundation on which their family can thrive.

Parenting is a personal experience but we really are “all in it together”. Being able to explore issues and learn effective techniques for managing the turbulence presented by the teenage years really does help!

The course/workshop is designed to give parents the opportunity, within a non-judgmental, supportive environment, to look at common parenting issues such as:

The course/workshop enables participants to explore in depth the different topics, whilst also allowing them to practice new found techniques at home and then discuss how these worked at the following session, providing participants with a toolkit of tips and techniques to enable them to move forward in their relationship with their teenager. Our experience has found that, through the support and sharing offered within the group, members have often remained in contact with each other afterwards.

We are also able to offer bespoke courses specifically designed to work with issues that parents have identified they would like help with. This offers a more focused, personal approach to the challenges presented by teenagers.  If you and your friends feel this may be of benefit to you, please contact us to discuss your needs (minimum of four participants).

Parents who have attended sessions previously, have commented:

“I would recommend this to anyone”

“The sessions really have restored to me the joy of parenting.”

“It has been such an informative and educational course, giving me a good solid ground in preparation to face changes and challenges ahead. It is a big bonus to get to know other parents who are like-minded people.”

“Absolutely fantastic course – realistic, practical, grounded, inspirational and delivered brilliantly by Emma and Victoria. It has given me the tools to work with, an increased compassion and a clear direction for my parenting.”

“Thank to you both for an excellent course. Heartily recommend it to everyone! I can honestly say that our family life has been impacted and will be for years to come.”

“It’s changed the way I parent my children.”

If you are interested in booking your place, please contact parentingcourse@saintcecilias.london