Saint Cecilia’s seeks to provide for the personal welfare of each individual child so that there are as few barriers to learning as possible. We want pupils to leave us having achieved their full potential, able to think and make decisions for themselves.

Spiritual Support

In our Christian school which educates over 900 11-18 year olds every day, there are often some very important issues in life that lead to a questioning of faith. Teenage years are where the most ‘growing’ happens in all aspects of the word and, for example, when a close family member dies or there is a ‘natural’ disaster, there are questions that need to be answered. The Revd Kurk offers prayer for all and is always available at break times for informal discussions. The school has an attractive Chapel for the use of pupils and staff, both for voluntary services and private prayer and reflection.


Pupils at Saint Cecilia’s are placed in small mentor groups, each overseen by a member of staff. Mentors are encouraged to develop a close and trusting relationship with pupils and their parents, acting as the first point of contact wherever possible. Mentor groups meet regularly and their small size enables individual attention to be given to pupils as necessary. They enjoy social trips and activities outside the school day, participate in inter-mentor group competitions throughout the year and also play a central role in the monitoring of pupils’ academic progress and achievement through regular analysis of their attainment grades. Mentor meetings also include a time of Christian reflection and meditation.

Restorative Justice

We solve the inevitable personal disputes between pupils here at school using the Christian principles of Restorative Justice.  Every member of staff has been trained in holding Restorative Justice meetings and The Revd Annie Kurk leads the initiative which rather than offering a punitive approach which leaves both parties in conflict, aims to restore the broken relationship so that lessons are learned and both parties can continue into the future with confidence.  For more information, please contact

Bethany Centre

The Bethany Centre accommodates all aspects of support and inclusion ensuring we meet the needs of all pupils including those with Special Education Needs, those who speak English as an additional language and those with personal struggles such as bereavement.