Saint Cecilia’s Church of England School is fully committed to the equality of opportunity for all pupils. Every pupil, of whatever ability, has the right to be challenged and encouraged to develop to their full potential.

Gifts and talents are not inherent attributes, but are instead developed and created over time, through stimulating activities, inspirational teaching and a strong questioning ethos. Pupils exhibit gifts and talents in different subjects or topics at different times. All pupils must therefore be provided with challenging and thought-provoking lessons and activities to give them the opportunity to develop these gifts and talents.

Pupils who attained Level 5 and above in both English and maths at Key Stage 2 are identified as the Most Able pupils. National expectations for these pupils are that they achieve at least B grades in all subjects at GCSE, however at Saint Cecilia’s Church of England School it is expected that these pupils achieve at least A grades in all subjects.

In departments, pupils are identified as Gifted and Talented if they show a particular strength in the subject. This identification can take place at any time during a pupil’s time at Saint Cecilia’s Church of England School, and identification is a continuous process, where pupils are added or removed from department registers as their gifts and talents change. Department lists are reviewed regularly and updated by members of teaching staff and the Academic Challenge Co-ordinator, Mr James Robinson. Departments use a range of techniques to identify these pupils, including checklists, teacher observation and self-nomination, with emphasis given to enthusiasm, skills and knowledge, rather than attainment.

The majority of provision to provide Academic Challenge to all pupils occurs in the classroom during lessons. Teachers provide challenging, stretching and engaging learning opportunities to all learners. All pupils are given a variety of activities that engage and develop their thinking skills. Those who are identified as the Most Able pupils, and those on department lists, are given further challenge in lessons, through differentiated work, higher order questioning or more independent tasks.

The Academic Challenge Co-ordinator provides all pupils with the opportunity to take part in a range of opportunities to extend and develop their understanding of a variety of topics. In the past, this provision has included: Magistrates’ Mock Trial, Cambridge Challenge Days for Year 10 and Year 12, G&T Activity Days, Early Entry GCSE in Astronomy, Engineering for Girls Day at Imperial, New Views Theatre Project, Oxford Taster Days for Year 10, Student Voice events, Cambridge Subject Matters for Year 12, Urban Scholars at Brunel University, Higher Project Citizenship Qualification with Year 9, Extended Project Qualification with sixth form students and workshops run by the local City Learning Centre.

A wide range of enrichment opportunities are offered by departments, such as after school clubs, competitions and trips. When appropriate, departments offer extension clubs in preparation for national examinations.

If you wish to discuss any aspects of the Gifted and Talented provision at Saint Cecilia’s, please contact Mr James Robison via email on