Stevenson’s, our school uniform supplier, has now set up facilities for parents and carers to order school uniform and sportswear directly from their website

New PE kit from September 2017

New PE Kit Design

The uniform consists of the following compulsory items:

There is one optional item:

School Uniform Policy

As with the daily uniform, specific Saint Cecilia’s Church of England School items are available from our chosen school uniform supplier, Stevensons, and other items may be purchased from high street retailers.

The blazer, tie and jumper are available either from Stevensons, at their Twickenham shop or online.

Trousers and skirts in a range of waist sizes and lengths are also available from Stevensons, but we have no preferred supplier of remaining items and so these can also be purchased from high street retailers such as Marks and Spencer, John Lewis or George at Asda, allowing parents and carers more freedom as to where they purchase these.

On occasions, such as in cases of illness or injury, it may be necessary for appropriate adjustments to be made to the pupil dress code in order to support the child. Such adjustments are made on a case-by-case basis and it is expected that parents/carers request any adjustment in advance of their child arriving to school in any alternative/non-uniform item.