Please find below a description of our current policies:

Admissions Policy 2017/18
Admission Policy 2018/2019
Anti-Bullying Policy
Anti-Smoking Policy
Attendance and Punctuality Policy
Behaviour Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy
Child Protection Policy (pending approval from Governing Body)  Keeping Children Safe in Education
Complaints policy and procedure
Data Protection Policy
Data Protection Notice Exams-Access Arrangements Online
Data Protection Act Fair Processing Notice
Equality Policy
Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Safeguarding Policy
E-safety policy
Educational Visits and Other trips
16-19 Bursary Fund Policy
Religious Education Policy    Collective Worship Policy
Safer Recruitment in Education Policy
School Uniform Policy
Special Educational Needs Policy
Stretch and Challenge policy
Substance Abuse Policy and Procedures
Taking and Use of Photographs and Other Electronic Media Policy
Teaching and Learning Policy
Whistle Blowing Policy