Saint Cecilia’s Church of England School (formally known as Saint Cecilia’s, Wandsworth) opened its doors for their first cohort of pupils in 2003 and it is located on a portion of the site once home to the Wandsworth Boys School

The Wandsworth Boys School and The Old Wandsworthians Memorial Trust
The Wandsworth Boys School was formerly known as The Wandsworth Technical Institute and was founded in 1895 and had two masters and 34 boys. In 1927 a new building was opened in Sutherland Grove, the school was renamed Wandsworth Boys School, which now had over 500 boys. In 1957 another building was opened and all branches of the school came together and it was called Wandsworth School. At its peak the school had over 2000 pupils and finally closed in 1987.

Their world-renowned choir won Grammys for best classical choral performances in 1971 and in 1974. Saint Cecilia’s music specialism and maroon coloured blazer are a testimony of the historic link with both schools.

Nowadays, the Wandsworth Boys still exists in the form of The Old Wandsworthians Memorial Trust and Saint Cecilia’s continues to maintain a special relationship with the old school.

The trust has sponsored our 1st XV rugby team and various other projects, which includes the presents HR King Award at our annual prize giving ceremony, Presentation Evening. The H R King Award, is given to a student that matches the principles and aims of the former Headmaster of the Wandsworth Boy’s School, H. Raymond King. He was awarded the DCM, MM, Croix de Guerre and was an inspirational leader.

In 2015 The Old Wandsworthians Memorial Trust unveiled a plaque in our school site to honour former students who died in the two world wars, and every year they host an annual remembrance service, in collaboration with our Chaplain, to remember those who sacrificed their lives for us.

The Wandsworth Boys School is an important part of Saint Cecilia’s heritage and we hope to continue to strengthen our links with them, via The Old Wandsworthians Memorial Trust.

If you would like to find out more about the trust and their work, please visit their website: