Literacy at Saint Cecilia’s

Improving literacy is at the heart of everything that we do at Saint Cecilia’s through encouraging a love of reading, honing pupils’ writing skills and moulding confident, eloquent speakers who can access every opportunity available to them both at school and in the wider world.

For those who need extra support with any aspect of their literacy in school, we have a number of interventions and strategies in place to help. From the Accelerated Reader programme in Year 7 and 8, timetabled extra English lessons at KS4, small targeted reading groups and small group literacy programmes, such as Read-Write, at KS3, which are aimed at giving pupils focused attention and support tailored to their needs, we aim to ensure that every pupil has excellent literacy skills. We also operate a ‘Drop Everything and Read’ scheme to encourage pupils to make reading a part of their daily leisure activities and to emphasise the idea that reading is fun.