Saint Cecilia’s Church of England School is fully committed to the equality of opportunity for all pupils. Every pupil, of whatever ability, has the right to be challenged and encouraged to develop to their full potential.

Gifts and talents are not inherent attributes, but are instead developed and created over time, through stimulating activities, inspirational teaching and a strong questioning ethos. Pupils exhibit gifts and talents in different subjects or topics at different times. All pupils must therefore be provided with challenging and thought-provoking lessons and activities to give them the opportunity to develop these gifts and talents.

National expectations for the high attainers are that they achieve at least grades 6-9 in all subjects at GCSE. However, at Saint Cecilia’s Church of England School it is expected that these pupils achieve at least 7-9 grades in all subjects. Those who are identified as the High Attaining Pupils (based on KS2 test results) are given further challenge in lessons, through differentiated work, higher order questioning or more independent tasks. All pupils in school are also provided with challenging and thought-provoking lessons and activities to give them the opportunity to develop their academic strengths.

Pupils who display a particular strength within a subject area are also identified by departments as being Gifted and Talented for that subject. Pupils may be added or removed from these lists throughout the year. Teachers provide for these pupils through further challenge in lessons and may provide additional experiences outside of lessons, with visits and trips to places of interest to help pupils develop their passion and academic strengths in the subject.

We offer a range of provision to support children with communication and interaction, cognition and learning difficulties, social, health problems or sensory or physical needs. Pupils are screened at the beginning of Year 7 and staff have access to other measures of attainment such as their Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Test scores. All this information will be used to determine whether a child has special educational needs and the support that is needed, whether this is in class or through additional support outside the classroom. Progress continues to be monitored and tracked during their time at Saint Cecilia’s. The ‘Bethany Centre’ in school also provides pupils with one-to-one support and strategies to resolve any learning barriers.