Saint Cecilia’s is a well-respected, hugely over-subscribed, popular Church of England secondary school in Southfields, between Wimbledon and Wandsworth in South London. We proclaim our Christian foundation proudly and loudly, and all members of our community understand that Jesus Christ is reflected in the work we do, the friendships we make, and the decisions we make.

The quality of teaching in the school is excellent which, along with a well ordered, calm, purposeful learning atmosphere, allows pupils to thrive academically and pastorally. We go to great pains to care for pupils and respond to their needs in a supportive, compassionate way.

After seven years in this school, pupils are able to look back on their time at Saint Cecilia’s with pride and happiness, knowing that they were given opportunities to excel academically, to make lifelong friendships, and to enjoy experiences which broaden their horizons.

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With all good wishes,

Ann Kennedy
Interim Headteacher

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