Saint Cecilia’s Church of England School is a co-educational academy for pupils aged 11–18 years specialising in the teaching of Music and Mathematics.

As a Christian school, we are proud to declare that we exist to ‘Glorify God through outstanding, enjoyable education’. The school values the uniqueness of each individual as a person made in the image of God, entitled to teaching and learning opportunities which will enable him or her to become a confident, competent, caring and self-reliant person, fully prepared for adult life and the world of work in modern Britain.

In order to fulfil its Mission Statement, the school seeks:

At Saint Cecilia’s we believe that pupils should enjoy and learn from their everyday experiences, both in and out of school, valuing their school days as part of a process of lifelong learning. Fulfilment grows from a sense of personal achievement and pupils are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of educational and recreational activities, including decision-making. Teaching is organised to enable pupils to work individually as well as in groups, cooperatively and well as competitively. Assessment of pupils’ work accentuates positive achievement as well as provides direction for future improvement.

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